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Drop Off Service

Looking for an easy way to sell your unwanted items on eBay?

Why endure the hassle of trying to figure out how to post the items yourself?

Let us be your personal sell-it-on-eBay store! Our staff will appraise (we’ll be looking for an expected eBay value of $50 or more), photograph, copywrite, handle inquiries & payment/transaction, and pack & ship your item (for most things). An auction is our primary mode of selling on eBay. A standard auction lasts for 5-7 days (max. 10 days), at the end of which your item is sold to the highest bidder. Bidding typically starts at $20, which tends to generate interest and encourage bidders. Your check will be issued about 4 weeks after the item ships. On each transaction, you may net 55-67% (actual cost varies depending on factors such as final selling price and the size of the item).

Save time and visit our iSold It store. Call to make an appointment today!

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